Synergy Training & Consultancy Services

   Synergy Training & Consultancy Services (STCS) is a service oriented training organization providing Communication Skills, Accent Neutralization, Behavioral Skills, Leadership Skills, Soft Skills, BEC/IELTS/Toefl and Team Building Activities for the Corporate Employees & Staff Orientation, Employability Skills, Aptitude Training, Interview Skills YLE/KET/PET/BEC, Memory Techniques, Examination Tips, Personality Development, Public Speaking, Leadership Camp, Adventurous Camp, Summer/Winter Camp for Colleges and Schools. Our Training equips our customers with meritorious talents and enhances their confidence level and communication skills. Our training enhances Self-Confidence, Leadership Qualities, Motivation, Team Spirit, Group Dynamics and Goal Setting among the participants. We offer a unique Three Dimensional Training: Self, Social and Spiritual. Our training will be a real boon for the forthcoming generation and we assure a life changing experience through each of our sessions.

About Us

   Synergy Training & Consultancy Services (STCS) is a young, dynamic and service oriented Training and Consultancy organization from India. STCS is headed by young and determined mentors. Synergy is an enlightened player with novel training methodologies, techniques and dependable training and consultancy services.

   In spite of being young, STCS is a respected and trusted name in the field of training and consultancy. This is a reflection of the organization’s guiding principles of diligence, sagacity, integrity, and the ability to deliver. Our leadership has the astute vision to venture into uncharted territories and succeed. Backing our motivation is a steady business plan that always looks for challenges and opportunities. Our dream is supported by a deep pool of focused and innovative ideas.

   STCS is a pioneer in a bold yet ethical style of business that has an international appeal while being firmly rooted in the Indian ethos. We provide three dimensional training to all: Self, Social and Spiritual.

Our Mission

To mould the young and the corporate society to face the global market and to enrich their Behavioral, Competitive, Leadership and Communication skills so as to reach the zenith of success in their career and life.

Our Vision

To be the sculptors in carving the student community and the corporate world to march ahead with the new business trends and to be at the zenith of training field as a pioneer in implementing novel methodologies to create a brave new world by the dawn of 2022.

Our Training

Our training is to equip all sectors of the community with the correct knowledge to make a real difference and possibly help the youths and motivate them to find the right career in life. We are extremely excited about our work in the developing world where there is a severe lack of resource and training.

Why Synergy Training & Consultancy Services?

   We at Synergy Training & Consultancy Services have delivered training programs for more than 100 batches of corporate work force. These programs range from Induction level programs for the fresh recruits to customized project specific programs to the team leads and project managers. Some of the salient features of our delivery are

  • Experienced trainers and consultants with an experience ranging from 4 years to 25 years
  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers and consultants
  • Wide spectrum of technologies and domains to cater to the varied needs of our customers
  • Multi location support - we are present in most of the IT destinations in India
  • Well defined course content and course material
  • Well planned practical sessions and assignments for most of the programs
  • Good infrastructure and learning ambiance for effective and comfortable learning experience



We have serviced various clients on various skills sets. Most encouraging fact is that many of those clients have turned back to Synergy for repeated services due to our sustained quality and timely service.